Monday, March 23, 2009

Back in good health

What a week we've had here! Kellan was down with the flu for a full five days with a fever so high that he was unable to function (and we were in a constant state of panic). Today the fever broke. At last. In a matter of hours, he was transformed from a lump on the sofa to a happy and healthy boy playing outside in the beautiful spring sunshine. Kids are amazing. I took a few cheery shots outside to celebrate the miraculous recovery.

Love this look. My little big man.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hockey Night

Saturday nights are Hockey Night. If there's a game on, we head up to Nelson Center and cheer on the Springfield Jr Blues. Here are some shots of the boys at the park before the game last night and then, just for fun, I took a few during the game. Happened to have the camera with me since we'd just been at Carmen's birthday party.

Some black and whites at the park

Enjoying Carmen's birthday party

We had a wonderful evening at the Pizza Machine to celebrate Carmen's 5th birthday (and Connor's 3rd birthday). Here are a few shots of Kel enjoying the cake and games.