Friday, July 08, 2011

4th of July

I took a few snaps of the boys riding bikes and playing together on the 4th of July. Kel and Antoine love the freedom of setting off around the neighbourhood on their bikes. In this case, wearing swim shorts after a refreshing water gun session in the backyard.

Here is the Kel having his first lesson in how to use a sparkler. Isabelle was demonstrating. Kel was hiding behind her car looking very uncertain.

Now it was Kel's turn. Look at that face. Definitely not sure about this.

Its getting closer...

Happy proud face after he didn't burn his hand off with his first sparkler.

Now he's an old pro!

The boys were feeling very patriotic when we walked over to the fireworks.

Look at him now. TWO sparklers at once!

But still not so sure about it when they burn close to the ends.

Ta da! Or, "Walla!" as Kel would say.

Three random shots from our church's zoo outing later in the week. We were actually doing a scavenger hunt by camera and had to photograph a bunch of things. These three were just pictures that happened to be share-worthy. We won second place in the scavenger hunt, by the way.