Thursday, August 25, 2011

Playing at Viejas

Finally getting around to some of the last photos from our San Diego trip. We had a few relaxing days with lots of beach time, pool time, and a return to Viejas for some shopping, minigolf, and water play. Here are a few photos of Kel playing in the water area at Viejas.

PS -- I don't know if its just my computer (or my eyes!), but Blogger's new photo format seems to be making the pictures look blurry in the main post. Click on any photo for a larger and not blurry version of the picture.

Standing on the outside, getting his bearings. Water and children. What to make of this?

Meditating kid absolutely cracks me up. Still not ready to dive in to play, but maybe if I hang out by this kid, I'll find some divine inspiration.

Ah ha! The fun begins!

This is the "I'm all done with people now" shot. Hiding in his towel, tired and ready to go home.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Some snaps from this week's super fun (and super long) day at Legoland!

Kel posing with the Angry Bird that he won in a carnival game. Standing in front of his favourite "firetrucks and police cars" ride.

I know that its out of order (a night shot), but this one of Kel at the always fun Lego driving school was too cute to bury at the bottom of the post. Forgive me.

Hanging out and eating ice creams with Lego New York City behind us.

Kel made an awesome keepsake with his handprint painted into a fun work of art. This is the artist helping to prepare his hand and then stamping the paper. I'll get a photo of the handprint art when I have a chance and post it.

Kel's favourite time at Legoland (or just about anywhere) is when the lights go out. He loves what he calls "Night Shift" at all of the parks. So, here we are, hanging out until they closed the gates.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Night Seaworld

After a couple of manic daytime visits to Seaworld this trip (darn summertime and kids out of school and tourists crawling all over San Diego -- how dare they?!), we were pleasantly surprised to find that the park emptied out after 6pm on Monday and had a wonderful time at Night Seaworld, seeing far more exhibits in three hours than we'd seen in two entire days spent shoving our way through the hordes. I have filed this handy info away for next summer. Monday night Night Seaworld is the way to go!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mini Golf in Del Mar

When you're feeling depressed and sad about baby Molly and Auntie leaving town, mini golf is a good distraction. It worked for us, anyway.

He'd just made an awesome shot. Love the face.

Your child may have Dyspraxia if s/he looks like this when bending down to pick up a ball. At least he gets a workout!

Or if he manages to hit himself in the head with his own golf club while taking a shot. Seriously. Only Kel.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

San Diego Zoo

Lots of fun photos from our family day at the zoo. Kel looks good in Grandpa's hat!

Grandpa doesn't look quite as good in Kel's hat.

Grandma definitely doesn't look so great in Baby Molly's hat!

Sitting on the always-popular foot massage machine.

A proud grandpa with two cute kids.

Our adorable Baby Molly.

On the skyride with Baby Molly.

Cute photos of Grandpa with Baby Molly. A bit overexposed. Darn San Diego sunshine.

Sleeping through the line for the bus tour. Smart girl.

Baby Molly's first ride on the Balboa Park Railroad.

Kel holds his baby cousin. He loves her so much.