Friday, February 19, 2010

6 Year Portrait Session and the squint

Here are the outtakes from Kel's 6 year portrait session. Unfortunately, what I thought would be a fun and unique wintry background in fact turned into an entire session of squinty shots because of glare from the snow. Which I didn't realise until later, when I had a chance to browse the session on the computer, rather than through the preview screen on the camera. Lesson learned.

Luckily, I also took some indoor shots just for fun, and thank goodness that I did. Out of those goofing around shots came the 6 year portrait -- without squinty eyes!

And here are the outtakes. There are some pretty good shots here, if only the eyes were wide open.

Here are a few from in the house and with Casper, just for fun.

Séan the Snowman

Here he is. Introducing our very own Séan the Snowman. Next time we'll build a snowman using "snowman building snow" (which I have now learned is not the snow that we did use to build the snowman -- they should give classes on winter living to people who move from warm climates!). Apparently, or so I am told, building a snowman can be easy and quite enjoyable. Rather than half a day's hard labour. Who knew?

A Fun Day off with Maddox

Kellan's best buddy, Maddox, joined us for a super day at the Children's Museum over President's Day weekend. Maddox was staying the night, Kel's first sleepover at our house, and it was a great success. We went to the museum, then spent the evening at the ice hockey game with Nic, which exhausted them both, and in the morning we went to the Illinois State Museum's Super Saturday event. I certainly slept well the next night! Here are photos from the Children's Museum outing.

Two smiling boys.

They discovered a snowboarding game. This was a big hit.

Hugs for the camera which took a photo of the winning pair. Doubles snowboarding? It could happen.

All dressed up to present the day's news. Maddox has his suit jacket and Kel is wearing a rain coat, presumably to do the weather report. Goofy boys.

Playing at the water table.

Look at Kel's face. Maddox had obviously done something horribly egregious. A dispute over rubber duckies? These water table games get serious.

The super fun wind tubes.

Maddox working on the car.

Maddox working under the car!

Kel grocery shopping.

Boys in the bubble room. I love this shot.

Back at the news room. This time they requested that I photograph the television monitors while they were doing their thing.

Look at Maddox in the background here!

Boys in a cage. As it should be.

Goofing around in the elevator. Maddox is blurry, otherwise it would have been a perfect shot. Keeping one of them still is victory enough.

Change of venue. Here are the boys having a little DS tournament the next morning. So cute in their pajamas.