Saturday, January 26, 2008

A winter's day off

We had a day off of school and work on Friday, so headed to Decatur for the Children's Museum. Had to grab a couple of photos from the parking lot of Kellan standing next to frozen Lake Decatur. It was cold!

Why isn't the real grocery shopping this much fun?

There are days when this picture says it all. Three year olds. Who knows what's going on in there.

Good old "ice cream clown".

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A cold weekend...

I have to admit that there isn't a lot to report here this weekend (through our chattering teeth), photographically or otherwise. Still, we can't disappoint our readers (ok, immediate family!) with a lack of updates.

A couple of recent gems:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is tomorrow. When I picked Kel up from school on Friday he informed me that there would be no school on Monday. I said, "That's right, its a holiday". He replied, "Yes, its The King's special day!". MLK shall be forever after known in our house as "The King". Tomorrow is indeed The King's special day.

When we were leaving for church yesterday, he informed Roger that "at church there is God and Miss Lori" (Miss Lori is the nursery attendant, who was incidentally quite chuffed to be right up there with God!).

He also did a first this week. As I sat him down to have a serious talk about something he'd done wrong, he covered his ears with his hands, closed his eyes, and said, "I don't want to hear it". I suppose that I should just be happy that he was nearly four before he learned that one!

And here are a few photos. Just random shots from playing kitchen and music in his bedroom yesterday. The t-shirt is a Welsh dragon, one of many gorgeous shirts and other items created by our talented friend, Caroline, who's beautiful Gaelic/Celtic themed wares can be purchased at Celtic Fantasy. We are so lucky to receive frequent goodies from Caroline and each of us have a lovely assortment of her fine quality t-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, and the like. Thanks, Caroline!

Here we have our very bossy chef who seems to make one dish and one dish only -- cake. Can't complain about that. He will also provide you with a cup of tea, or sometimes, if you're lucky, an egg in a cup. Which you are supposed to drink. I have no idea...

Dropped the pot. He then picked it up before realising that he wasn't wearing "glubs" and threw it down again. Hot, obviously.

Choosing spices for today's cake.

"What would you like today?" is the first question. Always followed by, "Cake?". And don't even bother asking for something other than cake. Eventually, it all comes back to cake. You can't get anything else in this kitchen.

Watching the cake bake.

We had an orange cake yesterday. Here he is getting the orange juice from his fridge.

While the cake was baking, we had musical entertainment on the pots.

And then the musical instruments.

Couple of motion shots. He just wouldn't pose for me yesterday. Still, here he is in all of his three year old boy energy glory. I'm exhausted. Nic is staying home to celebrate The King's special day tomorrow and I'm off for a far more relaxing day -- at work!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Another day at the children's museum

Early January and all that he can talk about is his birthday party (which will take place on February 23!). Every single day that he's not at school, well, it must be his birthday party weekend! So, we've got about five more weekends to fill before the big swim party and it has become an exercise in keeping him busy. The Children's Museum is always perfect for a full day's fun and activity. We went swimming yesterday afternoon, our usual Sunday activity, and that proved interesting -- "I'll just wait here in the pool until my party, ok?".