Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another beautiful day at the zoo

His favourite animal at the zoo is always the elephant. I'm not saying anything...

The sky ride. Of course. Nothing else brings out this smile like the Skyfari.

He actually asked to sit on this rock and have his photo taken. And of course I didn't have the light or flash settings adjusted for the shady spot, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity. Cooperation and a willing smile. Shadows shmadows.

Wonder if our friends in Springfield were sitting out in the sunshine enjoying an ice cream cone this afternoon. No? Awwww, I'd feel sorry for you -- but I'm too busy basking in the late November sunshine! And basking will be quite an accurate description if I don't lay off of the holiday ice creams myself soon.

Another outing, another new friend.

I am including this bit of "wildlife" photography to prove to Nic that the polar bears actually do wake up on occasion. They were having a grand time today, wrestling, playing ball, leaping into the water. Poor Nic has never seen them do anything but sleep up on the rocks, enjoying the sunshine. Not that you can blame them. San Diego or the arctic. Hhhmmmmm.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another day at Legoland

It was a hot and sunny Legoland adventure, a day for squinting at the camera, running around in an undershirt (it really was that hot!), and making the most of a nearly empty day at the park. We stayed late for the tree lighting festivities, complete with Santa's arrival by way of the Carlsbad Fire Department and one of their super trucks, Jenny McCarthy and her son, and even a few fireworks. Kel loved it!

The first two photos are from Miniland's Washington DC display. The grey and cream building with the tower behind Kellan is the Old Post Office which happens to be the place that I met and fell madly in love with Nic during our weekly ringing of the Bells of Congress. And a few years later, along came Kellan. So, its a pretty significant building as buildings go. In our legend anyway.

Kellan and Grandma on the helicopter. Later in the evening, thus the jacket.

Kellan and new buddy, Elijah, in the lion's mouth. These two were inseparable and had already made future vacation plans by the time that we had to head off.

Our own little Winston Churchill.

Not a very convincing duel! Funnier still was that when the wind blew Darth Vader's cape, Kel squealed and ran off in a panic. Not quite Jedi material yet.

Kellan and Grandma driving their boat.

Kellan tries to blend in with the Lego family.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Balboa Park

We spent this afternoon wearing out the grandparents at Balboa Park. Dad will be happy to return to work tomorrow for a break!

Kellan and Grandpa rode on the train before visiting the model railway museum, a family favourite.