Sunday, June 14, 2009

More fun with Airblox in the backyard

We are having so much fun with the Airblox. One of the best and most creative toys that Kel's ever had. We spent another fun Saturday afternoon building castles and forts and boats and anything else that inspired our imaginations. Kel wanted me to take a few photos. The lump on his head was from an ice skating accident earlier in the day.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Nic's Birthday in St Louis

Nic celebrated his 52nd birthday this week. We went to St Louis to take in a Cardinals game and hit a few other sites in celebration. The weather was gorgeous and we had a wonderful few days away. Nic might almost have forgotten the whole "getting older" thing in the process!

These are out of order, but I love these two shots. Kel at the "Birds on Shirt" game the evening of Nic's birthday. What a view. And they even won. Just for Nic.

To start our mini break, we headed down into the Ozarks and visited Meramac Caverns. Uber hokey, but fun nonetheless. Something different.

Some days, eh? I just wanted a smile!

Pretty cave formations.

Kel at the cavern entrance.

On his birthday, Nic requested a trip to the Museum of Transportation. This was a super choice and I highly recommend a visit to any train, plane, or automobile fan. Heck, they even had boats!

This was up on a platform that overlooks the working rail tracks. We saw loads of trains go speeding by during our visit. You can stand up there and wave to the engineer who blows the whistle and waves back.

Nic loved this GM Road Train.

There was a tram to ride down to a mini railroad. Kel got to sit next to the driver, much to his delight.

Goofing around in an old caboose.

Standing in front of a big old steamie.

The boys riding on an old Chicago L train that runs here as a trolley. Very cool.

An old fire truck.

They had an excellent display of classic cars.

On Friday, we hit the St Louis Zoo. It was busy, but we had a great day out. I got to see my very favourite lemurs in action and Nic's favourite tree kangaroos were moving about as well. Kel got to ride the train over and over again. Everybody went home happy.

Riding the zoo carousel.

Boys on the zoo train.

Horrible photo (end of a long, hot day at the zoo), but the only one of me from the trip. So, here I am!