Saturday, June 09, 2012

Uncle Steve's Chickens

Uncle Steve has chickens -- and lots of baby chicks. Kellan is never without one in his hands. They are very sweet and very tolerant of a little boy's constant attentions.

Out collecting eggs in the rain!

All days should be like this day

Brighton. A family day out without compare. Enjoy our perfect day at the seaside snaps.

Friday, June 08, 2012


Another year, another super day at Legoland Windsor. Puts the California park to shame, big time.

My favourite find of the day. Lego bagpiper!

Hot air balloons ride. Fun.

Driving on the left. Good man.

Sporting his new Lego Star Wars shirt. Had to put it on as soon as we bought it.

Driving in the wild safari.

Love this ride. So much fun to soak him.

I hate this ride. Up and down and there goes your stomach. Thus, I am off of the ride taking photos.

He got his new dragon, named Windsor, for being a brave boy and riding The Dragon. And then we rode The Dragon over and over and over again until I stopped riding The Dragon and he rode on his own.

A few shots of Windsor Castle and surroundings from the Windsor Wheel.