Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Kellan and I decided to stop off for haircuts on our way home from school and work today. Kellan wanted to snap some photos in the kitchen after we got home, hair still wet and all (and his blue mouth is from the "pop" that they gave him). Apologies for the messy background, but that's the fridge of a four year old. That is in fact the messy side of the fridge of a four year old. The last photo shows Kellan accidentally taking a photo while setting the camera. My own little shutterbug.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Friends

We woke this morning to yet more grey, wet, cool weather and I said, "Its Memorial Day. I'm wearing shorts. How about you guys?". So we all donned our shorts and decided that we would celebrate the first "official day of summer" whether or not the weather decided to join in. As it turns out, the rain cleared and the sun came out in force by lunchtime, leaving us to sweat through a hot, sunny, muggy afternoon. Summer. For a day at least.

We spent the evening enjoying dinner with some old friends who we don't get to see often enough these days between the kids going to different schools, being involved in different extra curricular activities, and all of us busy parent types with our busy adult lives. Carmen (with brother Connor) and Dominic (with new baby brother Michael) and families joined us for a perfect summer evening of pizza and play.

Carmen was the unfortunate recipient of a frisbee to the head (thus the cold pack), but didn't seem any worse for wear.

Do not mess with Kellan when he has Doritos and guacamole.

Dominic is all boy with what Kellan calls the "shooting thing". He doesn't know the word "gun" yet, but he knows all about shooting. Boys, eh?

We are off shortly for ten days in Pennsylvania. A conference and family vacation combined. Because we return to school and work immediately upon our return, it may take a bit longer than usual to sort through the photos and get some vacation posts up, so don't worry in the meantime, we haven't disappeared. "See" you soon...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is what weekends were made for

We ventured to the zoo this afternoon after a repeat trip to the art fair before lunch. There was no limit in the Children's Tent today and Kel was able to get himself an impressive collection of paintings, photographs, sculpture, and pottery. He has end of the year gifts for both of his teachers as well as a gift for his Granny's upcoming birthday (all chosen entirely by him -- adults are not permitted to enter the tent), plus lots of additions to his own growing collection. I love the art fair! And it was yet another gorgeous day, so we decided to head for the zoo this afternoon. I didn't take many photos, and only one that I thought was worth sharing, but it was a lovely day, and a lovely weekend, altogether.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old State Capitol Art Fair

The annual Old State Capitol Art Fair is on this weekend downtown. This is one of our favourite annual events, one that we've managed to attend each May since moving to Springfield. The Children's Tent alone is worth the trip. And there's something about the art fair that attracts perfect weather, year after year. A hot day, at last!

Kel is zonked after a long morning downtown in the sunshine and as soon as I publish this post, I'm off out back to do a bit of relaxed basking myself. No marine mammal comments, please. I only had two lemonade shake ups today...

Kel's lemonade shake up. Another great thing about central Illinois. See, its not all bad.

We walked around the Lincoln Home National Historic Site on our way to the art fair.

When we first arrived in Springfield, I commented to a coworker that the only building you see on the way in is this tall cylindrical thing. It seemed odd to me, driving in to the state capital of Illinois and not a skyline in sight. She said, "Oh, you mean The Prick of the Prairie" (sorry for any sensitve types out there, but those were her exact words). It stuck. I can never look at the hotel without thinking, "Ah, there it is, the Prick of the Praire". Our skyline.

Just having fun with an otherwise blah photo. The capitol is down there in the background.

We never go downtown without visiting Del's Popcorn Shop. Look at that, another good thing about Springfield. The art fair, lemonade shake ups, Del's Popcorn. I'm on a role today!

Totally random, but on the way home we had to swing by the office. Kel wanted me to take his photo because "I really really love your office, Mommy". And so, here he is at the RCC (Illinois State Museum Research and Collections Center). Otherwise known as My Office.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Surgery Day

Today was the big surgery day and I am glad to say that we've almost arrived at tomorrow -- Day One of recovery (I was informed by the nurses that today does not count because today is Surgery Day). Kellan was incredible. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30am. He was eager, happy, excited, and extremely brave. When it was time to go back, he showed no fear, gave me a brave smile (while I tried not to burst into tears!) and even got to ride in a red wagon down to the operating room. The surgery went as planned, a complete success, and not a peep or fuss from Kellan. He accepted the medications, the sedation, the needles and IV without a single complaint. The whole surgery team were so impressed by him. Me too!

He was very groggy for most of the day and is just "waking up" now. Not terribly happy about the pain, but doing so very well for somebody who's insides have just been man handled and sewn back together! He requested an ice pack, and he hates ice packs, so I know that he's hurting. He's resting today without me having to remind him to rest, so again, I know that he's in pain. But his spirits remain high, he's eating and drinking, and he's excited about getting better and back to normal life. Send speedy healing thoughts his way!

I have no idea why, but while they were getting him sorted (and before he changed into the lovely hospital garb), they took a photo of us on the bed. For the scrapbook I guess. Or the blog!

After arriving home, we had a surprise visit from the florist. Look what Olivia's family sent!!! Is this the most amazing thing ever? The photos don't even begin to do it justice. This thing is just solid candy, front and back, inside the vase, everywhere! The look on his face when it arrived was priceless. And it even got him sitting upright for a bit. Well, long enough to eat a few Tootsie Rolls anyway...

PS -- as the afternoon and evening wore on, we were inundated with lovely and thoughtful gifts from family and friends. I don't want you to think that you were forgotten. Its just that I'd already put the camera away and Kel really didn't need to pose with each new arrival. Thank you so much, everybody, for thinking of Kel and for making his recovery one that is filled with love and the knowledge that everybody is cheering him on. What a lucky boy!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Springtime -- about time!

It was a beautiful, sunny and warm Sunday today, and so we grabbed the bikes ("two helmets and three wheels" as Kel says of the tag along) and hit the road. We made our way between various parks, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and had a perfectly fabulous day -- outdoors. A breath of fresh air. Literally!

This thing is scary. The sharp toothed dolphin. Kel calls it a shark.

This was our last big day out before Thursday's surgery. Next stop, recovery. I will admit to being terrified, though in my heart I know that everything will be fine. Please send your prayers and loving thoughts our way on Thursday. For both Kellan and his emotionally spent mother!