Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kellan's 5th Birthday Party

It was another YMCA swim party for Kellan this year, another two hours of friends and fun, of cake and swimming. Happy birthday, Kel!

Kellan and Caden before we headed out to the pool.

A pool full of friends. What more could you ask for?

My two boys goofing around in the pool.

Kellan having a ride on Mark's back.

The always sweet Elsa.


There were a lot of kids in the pool!


Carmen refused to let me get a photo, so I had to sneak this one while she wasn't looking.

Lleyton and Hank having a battle with the float bars.

Silly Dominic.

Dressed again and time for cake. Gannon's arm can be seen pointing at Kel's very cool Lightning McQueen cake.

The candle is lit and the singing begins. Punctuated at one point by a popping balloon, which Kellan found hilarious.

"Happy birthday to you..."

Make a wish!

Our handsome 5 year old boy.

A funny side effect of the race track on the cake was that everybody ended up with black mouths! Here are Olivia and Charlotte showing off their gorgeous cake faces.

Definitely the mark of a good party. Happy messy faces.

Birthday morning present time

I didn't manage to get decent shots of all the gifts, but here are a few of his big ones. The gift this year was a G scale train set (the engine actually steams!!!) and a trolley to go with it (he is obsessed with trolleys).

Another big gift was the Geotrax airport.

Here is his cheeky, "Fine, take my picture!" face. This was a big gift from Daddy, a slot car racing set that they've been playing with endlessly...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Five Year Portraits

We are technically a week early, but we had the time and so here they are. Kel's five year portraits. He was very cooperative if you consider the fact that it was 24 degrees outside when we did these!