Monday, May 25, 2009

Take me out to the ball game...

One of our favourite summer past times is driving up to Peoria to catch a Chiefs game, particularly when it also happens to be a fireworks game. There is something special and nostalgic about the grounds, the team, the crowd. Its nothing like fighting the throngs of fans, the expense, and the chaos of a Cardinals game in St Louis. This reminds me of old time baseball. The stewards are friendly and fun, they take you to right to your seat, the concessions are affordable, the grounds are well maintained, and there is a good old fashioned family atmosphere. I am not a baseball fan, but you can drag me to a Chiefs game any day.

The team was wearing pink jerseys on Saturday as a breast cancer fundraiser.

I love this photo of Nic. In his element.

Kel got a balloon hat. It was called a "Super Cool Alien Dude". Indeed.

One of the best parts of this field is the playground. I don't know many young kids who will sit through a full nine innings, and I don't know many mothers who love walking aimlessly around the baseball park with a bored child (visions of the Cardinals game next week looming). This playground is so much fun for the kids and I'm still able to enjoy the game from here.

A few shots of the fireworks from the end of the game. Just for fun.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Old Capitol Art Fair

It was Art Fair weekend again. Already? We stopped by on Saturday, en route to the Highland Games, so that Kel could make a few grabs in the Children's Tent. Then went and spent a large part of the day on Sunday -- with even more Children's Tent treasures since Sunday is "unlimited" (you can only choose three things on Saturday). Kel got some super new works for his room, some really nice and favourite artists. There are a few artists that he goes back to year after year. Its a really special experience.

This little "mural" is across from Dell's Popcorn. A favourite stop in our Art Fair wanderings. Their caramel corn is simply the best in the town!

Kel on the steps of the Old State Capitol.

We met up with Carmen and Connor. The kids had so much fun running circles around each other and listening to the live music while enjoying their popcorn and lemonade shake ups.

Back at the Capitol building It was a very bright day. I had some ideas about great composition with the building as background, but they all involved poor Kel looking into the sun. So it didn't happen. I just snapped a couple of shots.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun in the Airblox

We have a new toy for the backyard, the absolutely awesome Airblox. These things are so much fun! Yesterday we built a house, a ship fort, and an airplane. We had been considering a play house for the backyard, but I'm so happy that we went this way instead. Not only are they easy to store (we don't have a lot of space), but they make hundreds of different "forts" and should avoid the fate of boredom. I also noticed that when we were playing inside of the forts, it made a pretty cool backdrop for some photos, so here you go.

These are a few from outside. This was the tower in his ship fort. You had to crawl through a tunnel to arrive at the tower. I opted to go out the front door instead.