Friday, June 10, 2011

London Science Museum

We finally made it to the London Science Museum this trip. I've been wanting to do this for ages, but the crowds have always kept us away. The schools are back in this week and we decided to go for it. While there were certainly a lot of school groups there (you can't win!), the crowds were really manageable and Kel had a great day out.

Here is Kel working on a circuitry project. He rigged a sensor pad to ring a bell and turn on a light when pressed. He said, "This is real science!".

This was cool. You put a straw onto this metal rod, then bit down and plugged your ears. It played radio right into your head!

Kel and this group of school boys spent ages watching dry ice zoom around in a purple pool. Whatever keeps them occupied, right?

It was our last day out in London, so I had to get a quick snap of Kel next to the Underground train as it pulled out of the station. He does love transit!

Legoland Windsor

Kel's favourite day of the trip so far was our super fun day at Legoland Windsor. We both agree that Legoland Windsor far surpasses Legoland California in every way. We'll definitely be back!

This was a fun digger "ride" where the kids controlled their own digger and loaded a bucket with rocks.

Lego London. Very cool.

Kel did so well at the Lego Driving School and even earned his UK license! He had no trouble driving on the left, handling roundabouts, and obeying the UK street signs and markings. He has promised to help me out in Australia later this year.

Driving the boat.

This was a fun super fast spinning train ride. I went on once, then left it to the Kel. Crowds were light and we were able to ride most of the rides over and over again without even getting off in between. I think that he went four times around this before moving on. Surprised that he could still stand upright!

The Lego creations here were amazing. They had all sorts of European landmarks and amazing layouts. This was an Italian castle, I believe. Or possibly something in Belgium. Kel wanted a photo with it, anyway.

The helicopters. He spent almost an hour on these!

Hard to see, but this is the submarine ride, very cool. Like Nemo at Disneyland, but with real fish, sharks, rays, etc.

Lego steam train. Nic is sorry to have missed out on this one.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Around London

I titled the post, "Around London", but really, its more the big time scenic riverfront that I actually photographed today, though Kel and I did tour all around London sans photographic evidence. I swear. Ask us anything!

Two weeks of way too much delicious British home cooking = Nicola is now shaped like a pear. Lovely. Will be eradicating that middle as soon as we get back!

Ooh, look, one photo to prove that we did in fact leave the Eye area. St. Paul's. Uncle Steve was with us here, leading us on an excellent walking tour, but I didn't get any photos of him in his handsome London business suit.

Monkey proving his monkey status on the climbing structure. Eye in the background.

London Transport Museum

The obligatory "phone box" photo in Covent Garden before we head into the Transport Museum.

Kel loves the London Transport Museum more than any other museum in the world. I apologize for the mismatched clothing, but we went to the Transport Museum two days in a row and the photos aren't being posted in any particular order.

Hanging off of the Routemaster Bus which we later got to ride around London on one of the old routes.

A fun part of the museum is having your card stamped at various points around the exhibits.

Kel's "there are other kids here, Mom, I don't want to pose for a photo!" face. Too cool to have his photo taken with this old tram and horses.

Kel's very most favourite thing in the whole museum -- "driving" a real London bus!

He also enjoys the Underground simulator.

Driving an old tram.