Wednesday, February 22, 2006

He's Two!

Here are some photos of the birthday boy on his big day. Daddy came along to Fun Shop to make the morning extra special. The bottom two photos are a bit difficult to decipher, but Kellan got to do the "birthday walk" at Fun Shop where everybody sang "Happy Birthday" while he walked around the circle in his crown (which didn't stay on for long!). It was a special day from start to finish. Happy birthday wee man!

My Little Musician

As part of his birthday present from us, Kellan got a Melissa & Doug "Band In A Box". This is a great collection of musical instruments, a few of which are shown here as Kellan played and sang his way around the room on his birthday morning.

Kel Loves his new "Knows Your Name Elmo"

The Train Table

Kellan's big birthday present (literally!) was a new train table. He loves it. These were taken shortly after he woke up to discover it in the sitting room.

Two Year Molars Already?

The drool, the red cheeks, the ever present tongue, the night waking -- could it be the two year molars?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

His last week as a baby...

Kellan will be two on Tuesday (February 21st). I am excited about this new phase in his life as a toddler, a child, no longer a baby, but also a bit sad to lose the sweet innocence that defined his early months. Still, he continues to nurse with great vigour, gives endless kisses, is full of love and silly phrases, and I know that there will come a day when I look back on two with all the wistfulness that I bid his babyhood farewell this week.

Kellan and Carmen

Carmen and her parents (our good friends Erik and Jen) were over for a lovely dinner last weekend. She really is Kel's closest friend. He treats her more like a sibling than simply a friend, and the way that he interacts with her is very different to his dealings with other children. It is lovely to watch their friendship grow as they too develop and mature. Carmen is expecting a new little brother next month, so a close friendship like theirs will be especially valuable.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The First Haircut

Kellan had his first haircut on Friday. Isn't he handsome? I miss the curls, but I just didn't know what to do with that mess on top of his head! He certainly has his father's hair -- wavy and out of control when even the least bit grown and very coarse when cut short.

As for the cut itself, he was amazing. He didn't fuss, wiggle, or squirm at all. He sat still and watched the stylist in the mirror, sometimes commenting on things that he could see out the window, and generally enjoying himself. He giggled when the clippers tickled his neck. I had heard so many first haircut horror stories that I was prepared with every distraction in the book and a diaper bag that I could hardly manage, only to enjoy the experience thoroughly and the outcome even more so.