Friday, February 25, 2011

Kellan Turns 7

Here, at last, are the photos from Kellan's 7th birthday party last weekend. He chose Midstate Gymnastics again this year, having had such a super day last year, and they didn't disappoint. I wonder when you're too old to have an awesome afternoon on inflatables and leaping around in a foam pit with all of your best pals? Maybe never.

At the beginning of the party, before they went into the inflatables room, they had to sit down to have the rules laid out for them. Not that any of them followed said rules once they were set loose in the room, but I guess that the venue covered its bases where liability was concerned. In this photo are Dylan, Kel, Jack, and Maddox (who came all the way from Arkansas!).

Absolutely love this photo of Kel and buddy, Marcus. They've known each other since they were little. This was also a very rare moment in the afternoon -- I actually got them to stand still enough for a photograph! There aren't many photos from the event because they were all blurry. It was two hours of kids in constant motion.

Rather poor attempt at a group shot. A couple of kids aren't even in it, as they were wandering off for a drink at the time, but since most of them were here in one place at one time, I had to go for it. This is the best that I could do.

Grace and Kati were so exhausted from running around that they had to take a little breather.

Antoine in the only non-blurry shot of him from the inflatables room.

Connor, standing still. Weird. But I took it!

After an hour in the inflatables room, they moved on to the soft play foam pit area. Kel got to be line leader, of course.

I love this shot so much. I have no idea what the woman was telling them, but it obviously wasn't popular. Look at Kel and Carmen's faces!

Here are the kids lined up, ready to take a leap into the foam pit. Maddox and Jack are about to run down the mats.

The kids watching some jumpers. Whoever is missing from this shot, I presume.

Here are a few shots of kids in motion, jumping into the pit. Most of these were too blurry to keep, but I got a couple.

Notice Dylan leaping over the blocks while Kel's lack of coordination means that he sort of kind of almost gets a leg off the ground. Major tongue action required for concentration and little old man unsteady posture. An athlete, he will never be. But I'll keep him.

Addison is mid-flight in this one. So cute.

Antoine in the pit.

A sea of kids swimming in foam blocks. Kel isn't in this photo because, rather than climbing around the pit, he was over in the other corner fastidiously stacking blocks. Whatever makes you happy, right?

The super awesome Super Mario cake, made by my talented friend, Linda House.

While the kids sang "Happy Birthday", Kel conducted.

Blowing out the candle. Its official. He's 7! Happy birthday, sweet boy.


The boys had a great time at the Spongebob event last weekend, put on by the Children's Museum of Illinois. They're already asking when we can do it again. The museum puts together some fabulous events for the kids. Always well organized and tons of fun.

The boys pose with the man of the hour, Spongebob himself! I thought that the costume looked weird, but the boys loved it. Kel says that his favourite part of the evening was having their photo taken with Spongebob. Lame costume and all.

They got to make cute Mr. Krabs crafts out of little flower pots. You can see one being made in the background. After they'd finished, they made a "house" for Mr. Krabs out of these takeaway food containers.

The boys are playing instruments to make Spongebob dance. And he did!

Everybody listening intently to the instructions for one of the games upstairs. The looks on their faces make the game look quite scary! I love the way that Antoine is leaning into Kel. Best buds, they stick together.

Kel was chosen to demonstrate the scary game. A race which involved carrying eggs back and forth down a track. Not so scary after all.

The evening ended with snack time. Look at those tired faces.

Outside in Decatur -- in February!

We took full advantage of a brief winter warm spell and a day off school last week to enjoy a whole afternoon outside. In February! The boys were in heaven. Just look at those smiles. Best friends, sunshine, and fresh air. It doesn't get much better than that.