Thursday, November 18, 2004

Working Mom

I haven't had time to post this past week due to a presentation on my research (a palaeoecological study of the Grey Islands, Newfoundland -- in case you're interested!) that I gave yesterday. It was all consuming for a few days there. I realised that, even being back at work, my focus is still very Kellan centred. I come in and work with the data and sites every day, but in some ways my focus isn't all there. I love my job, but I'm still getting used to this whole motherhood thing. So actually having to present my research to a group of colleagues and scientists, when I really haven't thought critically about it in over a year, was a daunting prospect. I did manage to get enough of my brain into it to give a good show yesterday, but still, it could have been better, it could have been more. Does this division of self ever sort itself out? Will I become whole again in my work, as well as in my mothering? Kellan is everything, he is so much more important than any other facet of life. Guess that this half-brained approach is simply the way of the working mother.

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