Monday, March 20, 2006

Before the storm

The recent lack of posting is due to the fact that our home and surrounding neighbourhood were hit by a tornado last Sunday (March 12th). The garage was flattened on top of our car, a tree came through the roof, our electric meter was pulled right out of the wall, we lost quite a few mature trees which were pulled out by the roots, some of them landing on our neighbour's house and car, the fences were flattened, and our screened porch is no longer screened. But we are all safe and our house is habitable again, so we really can't complain too bitterly. We were without power all week and temperatures were bitterly cold, so Kellan and I stayed with our most amazing and incredible friends who welcomed us, fed us, kept us warm, and maintained a level of sanity during an otherwise insane time. Nic was afraid to leave the house alone at night, so slept at home and worked on clean-up all day.

Kellan was incredible throughout. On the morning after the storm (we stayed home that first night) he made do with an uncooked breakfast and no heat. He didn't complain about cold mashed potatoes for lunch. He entertained himself all day while we worked to clear the most dangerous trees and hire builders to remove the garage from our car. He pretty much lived on "anyal cokos" (animal cookies) until a friend came to pick us up and take us to stay at her place. The next morning, while climbing into a chair for breakfast, he fell onto the kitchen floor and broke his arm. A day in the emergency room and resetting the bone without anesthetic didn't dampen his spirits a bit. He was ready to go back to Olivia's house to play all evening, even eating out at a Mexican restaurant that night. After a few nights with Olivia and her mother, we moved to Dominic's house where Kellan settled right in and spent a fun couple of days. In the meantime, Kel got his permanent cast, choosing red because Elmo is red, and didn't have a single complaint. The only new behaviour that's come from all of this is that Kellan is pretty sure that all sofas are beds. Ours doesn't pull out, but he still keeps asking for "nigh nigh" when we're in the sitting room!

Anyway, these photos were taken the day before the storm. You have to pay for nice weather in this place!

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betty said...

How scary about the storm damage. Glad to see that none of you were injured in the process!