Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer Cold

Don't look too closely at these two photos, or you'll see the snotty nose! Poor guy had a nasty summer cold. He woke up fully congested one morning and ran in to our bedroom crying, "Momma, messy. Its messy. Its stuck!" and pulling at his nose. That was so sad. I am pleased to announce that he has since made a full recovery.

This week's main attraction was daily private swim lessons. Which didn't go so well. Apparently, when you're two, and even if you swim every single week of the year and even more often in the summer, it is not ok to swim with somebody other than mom or dad. I mean, really not ok. To put it bluntly, he spent the first two days screaming down the pool area for the entire lesson. Until they finally agreed to bend the rules and let me come into the pool with him. And now we're actually getting somewhere. One more week to go and then home to San Diego to put these lessons into practise.

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