Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Apple Barn

The Apple Barn, located in nearby Chatham, IL, is a favourite fall family destination. The kids tour the apple orchards, sample some local apples and cider (nonalcoholic -- much to Nic's dismay!), and walk through the cornfields and pumpkin patch. The weather was absolutely perfect. Kellan had so much fun that he asks, every single day, to go back to the Apple Barn. It is indeed fun, but not that much fun!

Kel insisted that this gourd was an ice cream cone. Bit of a sweet tooth.

Kellan and Caden -- the bad boys of the Apple Barn.


Laura K. said...

what a cutie! Then again I'm a sucker for a child in overalls! He looks like he had a GREAT time!

I also wanted to reply to a comment you left on my son's blog. You said you love the pajamas.. well I bought them here in Holland at H&M but I know some US cities have H&M as well. They are a size 86 which is the largest size they sell. That is a 12-18 months size technically but Sebastian is almost 3 and a half and they fit great so they must run super big! They were CHEAP as well. Under 8 Euro and very soft!

shannon said...

Hi, Nicola! I just found your blog completely by chance because I googled apple barn to make an entry for MY blog. Anyway, my name is shannon and i volunteered at musicgarten over the summer and had kellan in my class. He is absolutely adorable and I love your blog! hopefully i will see him next summer or just in passing at music class!