Friday, October 06, 2006

A Morning at the Lake

These were taken earlier in the week at our local lake. We had a resurgence of summer and enjoyed lovely fall colours in 90 degree heat. The true intention of the morning had been a trip to the local pumpkin patch -- only to find that said pumpkin patch is open only on weekends. Which seems a bit shortsighted to me, but that's another story. So, we played by the lake and stopped off at the zoo. I assumed that the pumpkin patch had been firmly forgotten until we got in the car and Kel happily announced, "And now -- punkins!". So, off to the local Walmart pumpkin patch (you know, the one where the pumpkins come in big cardboard boxes outside of the store!) instead. He was just as happy, though I missed my pumpkin patch photo op this year.

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