Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Birthday Party

Here he is, the man of the hour, celebrating the big 3. Excellent afternoon at the children's museum with all of his friends. They were far too busy for photographs once they'd hit the exhibits, so here are a few of Kel enjoying the spotlight.

We are off to San Diego for another few weeks now (I should really be getting ready!). Kel is still sleeping and will certainly want to nurse upon waking up. He has used the potty for the last three days running. Only in the evening, but it is a fantastic and welcome start. We are thrilled! We are all ready for a nice long break now -- Kel asked me last night, "You not go to the office tomorrow?". I've been working a lot lately, long hours, and its taking its toll on all of us. So, here we go, there weeks in the sunshine simply enjoying each other's company.

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Brian said...

Enjoy your time in San Diego. I just got back. It was a short but wonderful trip.