Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ice Cream for a Sore Throat

We had a bit of a something going around the family last weekend. Sore throats. Not sure what it was, but everybody is healthy now. And, hey, it was a great excuse for two days of extreme ice cream consumption!

This is one of the "Car Buddies" that Kellan is currently working towards each day. Potty training. What else? We backed down a bit after a few very stressful days in which we thought we'd go all out and just "get it done". Didn't happen. Obviously. In defense of our lack in judgement I can only say that we don't get much sleep. So, Kellan goes as many times a day as he sees fit. We ask him to sit throughout the day, and if he does so without complaint, he gets a "Car Buddy" at the end of the day. He picks a new one each morning which sits in the bathroom as incentive. When we're out and about, he has special stickers. He's doing really well. Not interested in taking the initiative himself yet, no internal motivation, and until he gets that, we're only in training. Here's hoping that the real deal isn't too far off!

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