Sunday, June 10, 2007

Flashback (again)

Because we started this blog when Kellan was about 7 months old, and because I was once again reminiscing as I sorted through some old photos, I thought I'd post a few from the "early days". Just for fun.

This scan was from our first "non-emergency" ultrasound. He's sucking his thumb. Funny because in real life he has never been a thumb or finger sucker, though he can out-nurse any three year old I know!

My last day of work. Just over a week before Kel was born. It was supposed to be three weeks, but didn't turn out that way...

So much for that all natural water birth. Induction due to pre-eclampsia. At least I'm still smiling!

Our brand new baby boy. There are some better photos from his very first moments, but I'm afraid that my insistence on immediate nursing and skin to skin contact means that they are a bit x-rated for the blog.

These come quite a bit later on. A random assortment of Kellan and his early admirers. Here he is meeting his Uncle Patrick (Nic's younger brother) and Aunt Janet for the first time.

Kellan and his godfather, Alan.

Kellan being manhandled by an assortment of my friends at the pub. This was just before he completely lost it. Poor Chris didn't know what to do!

Kellan and Paul. His real dad. Come on. Everybody knew.

Ok, just kidding. Here's the real thing.

Kellan meets Auntie Amanda (my younger sister) for the first time. Happy days.

Hanging out with the family up north.

I'm not entirely sure that Kellan's obsession with trains could have been helped. Here we are using our infant son as an excuse to go on the Teddy Bear Picnic railway outing!

Another ride on another train. This time with Auntie.

Some random cute shots. This is Kellan at exactly one month of age.

Kellan's first Easter. Our own little Tony Soprano!

The changing mat was mysteriously the background for quite a few photos...

The family visiting us in Gloucester. Kellan was three months old.

A few more random happy Kellan shots. It was fun seeing these again.

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Sebastian's Mommy said...

He was such a darling baby!!! So many pics had me holding my tummy craving another...