Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wild Animal Park

Today we enjoyed a fun and exciting trip to the Wild Animal Park. They are currently doing a "cultural exchange" and hosting a group of Maasai, from Kenya, who are working to educate people about the difficulty of preserving lion habitat and coexisting with these beautiful animals in a modern age. Kellan absolutely loved meeting them. He was crazy about their brightly coloured clothing and jewelry. They were singing and doing a dance when one of the men motioned for Kellan to come over and join them. Alas, he was too shy to join in at that point, but was thrilled when he later got some one on one time. We literally had to drag him away. I didn't take any photos of the Maasai because it felt a bit weird, overstepping the rather fine line between "cultural exchange" and education to treating them as another exhibit at the zoo. It really was a fun experience. It isn't every day that you get to chat with a Maasai tribesman.

How could we resist? Not that his actual ears need any help!

Playing in the water area.

Riding the carousel.

A couple of weird exposures with Grandma.

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