Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another beautiful day at the zoo

His favourite animal at the zoo is always the elephant. I'm not saying anything...

The sky ride. Of course. Nothing else brings out this smile like the Skyfari.

He actually asked to sit on this rock and have his photo taken. And of course I didn't have the light or flash settings adjusted for the shady spot, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity. Cooperation and a willing smile. Shadows shmadows.

Wonder if our friends in Springfield were sitting out in the sunshine enjoying an ice cream cone this afternoon. No? Awwww, I'd feel sorry for you -- but I'm too busy basking in the late November sunshine! And basking will be quite an accurate description if I don't lay off of the holiday ice creams myself soon.

Another outing, another new friend.

I am including this bit of "wildlife" photography to prove to Nic that the polar bears actually do wake up on occasion. They were having a grand time today, wrestling, playing ball, leaping into the water. Poor Nic has never seen them do anything but sleep up on the rocks, enjoying the sunshine. Not that you can blame them. San Diego or the arctic. Hhhmmmmm.

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Jen said...

I'm going to get Kellan a nice GOP elephant for christmas! No we were not out in the sun enjoying ice cream. Its freezing and miserable. I don't know anything else for Christmas though so Ill deal with it for now but in January I will be done with it!