Friday, January 04, 2008

Baking cupcakes

We had friends over to play this morning and Kellan wanted to bake them his specialty: Thomas cupcakes! What a treat for five little boys to enjoy. So, before everybody arrived, and still in his pajamas, Kellan got down to work.

He was very excited about spooning in the mixture. Very. This step took a bit of time. What with all of the excitement and everything. And having to stop and talk about it in between each and every single cup.

Watching them bake! Luckily they're quick ones. We might have spent the morning in front of the oven otherwise. Then again, its warm in front of the oven, so not a bad place to hang out on a January morning.

They are cool and ready to frost.

Applying the Thomas sugar plaques -- the final touch.

Kel was so pleased with himself, that he even took a photo of the final product!

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