Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another fun day at the Jacksonville Steam Show

The Prairie Land Steam Show is another of those annual events that we never miss. There are steam engines, tractors, wagon rides, horses, farm equipment, demonstrations, and just about anything else that a boy could want. A whole day of dirt, steam, and machines. You can't go wrong with that combination!

My boys riding the steam train. This was Kel's third trip of the day. And not his last.

Quite possibly the highlight of the day -- Kel got to learn how to drive a tractor! It wasn't easy to photograph, so these are the best that I got, but they had an obstacle course set up with wooden cows, cones, and a corn field. It was so exciting! Kel did great and got to choose his very own replica John Deere tractor afterwards.

This was at the log cutting demonstration. They have a big steam engine that runs the belt that runs the saw -- you'd be amazed at how long this whole process can captivate a four year old boy...

Eating home made ice cream on a hot September afternoon.

This was at the horse pull. I loved this event and thought I'd include a photo!

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