Tuesday, February 03, 2009

An afternoon at the sled hill

We had a good dump of snow last week, as well as a Friday off of school (and thus work), so decided to hit the sled hill. Yes, that would be the sled hill. As in, the only hill around. Still, looking on the bright side, at least we have a sled hill, right?

PS -- part way through the afternoon, Kel got his hat soaked. Being the perfect mother that I am, I gave up my own hat (it was cold!) so that his little head didn't freeze. The photos are in no particular order here, so sometimes he's wearing his blue hat, and sometimes my hat. In case you wondered.

Yes, this is a frozen pond. Well frozen. No chance of falling in. I promise.

Wipe out! Possibly the one that resulted in our hat trade.

After a couple of hours sledding, Kel decided that he wanted to play at the park. Yes, play at the park on a bitterly cold January day. I may not be a Midwesterner, but I fear that my son does indeed belong here. Weirdo.


Carrie said...

Was this at Rotary? You can also sled at Pasfield and Bunn golf courses. I haven't gone to any but I know those are sledding options too. Cute pics!

Nicola said...

No, this was at Centennial (but that's probably what you meant!). Pasfield has a teeny tiny hill, so we didn't even bother, plus its always packed. Haven't been out to Bunn, but nothing (in this town) could beat the hill at Centennial. And I've always liked that park best. Always quiet and peaceful there.