Saturday, July 04, 2009

Zoo and Children's Museum with the Widgas

Friday was a holiday. And being a holiday, it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate not being stuck in the dark, cold, windowless office with some friends from work and their kids. Illinois State Museum employees set loose upon the unsuspecting town of Decatur. We can bore you to death before you know what happened!

These first two are actually at the Children's Museum. Out of order, but cute to start off the post. Kel playing cashier at the grocery store.

At the zoo. I think that Kel was being a frog? Or a dinosaur? Chris, Stacey, can you remember?

Kel and Henry. Henry is almost two years younger than Kel, but they adore each other. Henry does not, however, adore having his photo taken. He stuck his tongue out in every picture!

Kel is trying to figure out this whole tongue issue.

As a huge and special treat, the train engineer asked Kel if he'd like to drive with him! He even got to announce, "All aboard!" over the speaker as we set off.

The carousel was a popular attraction for both boys. This was Henry's first ever carousel ride.

Petting a goat.

I had to post a couple of the adorable Sophie, Henry's baby sister. And also my sometimes walking companion when I do my lunchtime walk at the office.

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