Friday, December 04, 2009

Thanksgiving in Branson

We had another fun and fabulous Thanksgiving weekend in Branson, MO. And already have our passes purchased for next year's visit. Yep. We like it that much.

First stop on Thanksgiving Day is always Silver Dollar City! Kel's face pretty much says it all. Standing by the front gates, waiting to go in.

Before anybody mentions it, there is a continuity issue here. Sometimes he's in the green parka, sometimes in his hooded sweatshirt. What's the deal? Two separate trips to SDC. And I just lumped the photos together. So, parka is Thanksgiving night (cold) and sweatshirt is from the much warmer trip back later that weekend. Same place, same sites, same weekend, different weather. Here is Kel sitting on the front of the sleigh that's next to the giant Christmas tree.

Snowmen were kind of the theme this year.

On the steam train, heading off to see Grandpa's story of Christmas (a SDC holiday tradition). Too dark and crowded to get any actual photos of the train. So this is what you get. Kel on the train.

Taking in some of the rides in the Grand Exposition area. The best kids rides are over here. Including the swings -- which we finally got him on! And then couldn't get him off. Over and over again. No photos of the swings, however, since he had to ride with an adult, so I couldn't stand off and photograph. And he refused to ride with Nic.

Nic with a few lights in the background.

Kel on the roller coaster. You can't really see it, but the little girl next to him is clinging on and laying in his lap. He's got his arm around her. Sweet.

Looks like she got brave. And Kel's got his hands up down the hill!

This is at the Frosty show. A huge favourite (unfortunately outdoors and a wee bit chilly as well). The kids all get to go up on stage near the end and it "snows" on them after Frosty comes to life. Kel was too far up front to really see, but I circled his yellow striped hat so that you can pick him out.

Just a teeny tiny sample of the 4 MILLION lights that they have at SDC for their "Old Time Christmas" celebrations.

Here's Kel sitting on the hill near our condo.

Getting ready to head out for a paddle boat excursion on Table Rock Lake. This boat dock is at the condos where we stay.

He decided to take a nap. It was such a lovely warm day and we'd been paddling a long while.

We also visited the fish hatchery, near the dam. Obviously.

Kel got to feed the fishies. It was an entire facility dedicated to the Rainbow Trout population.

This is a little girl from Louisiana that Kel met at the condo. They had a fun evening on the playground.

Having a walk and a chat down by the lake.

Standing down by the lake and looking back up at the condos. I put an arrow pointing to ours.

Kel standing on the balcony of our condo. Feeding croissants to the lucky geese below.

One of my favourite activities while we were in Branson was sitting front row at the Kirby VanBurch magic/illusion show. This man is genius! Obviously we didn't get to take any photos during the show, but here's one of me, Kel, and Kirby afterwards. He signed it.

Here's me and Kel going into the show. Nic was actually with us this night, kept being conveniently absent when photos were taken! Typical.

Standing outside the theatre. Kel took these two. And, see, Nic was there!

That's that. Another super Thanksgiving weekend in Branson. Can't wait for next year...

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