Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Our first stop in Pueblo was the river walk. Which, rather ironically, was mostly closed to foot traffic due to construction. So we decided to take the boat tour of the river walk and found out that we hadn't missed much. It was a pretty little stop in the historic downtown district, but nothing to rival Austin (upon which it was apparently based -- in as much as there was water there, perhaps).

Kel and Nic posing by a scenic water feature along the river walk.

Kel with the river behind him.

We also spent an afternoon at the Pueblo zoo.

These penguins were so funny. They could see you through the glass and would chase back and forth after you, playing penguin games.

How far can Kel jump? For the record, not very.

Outside of the zoo, there was a special event that day where the kids could look at police cars, fire trucks, swat vehicles, etc. Here's Kel in a Pueblo fire engine.

He was also quite taken with the helicopter. This was an army display maybe? Or National Guard?

Outside of the bull riding offices in downtown Pueblo. Yes, there are such offices. For bull riders. Hey, its a real job. Apparently.

Some flowers with an old Pueblo street behind.

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