Friday, May 20, 2011

First Grade Picnic

We were excited to join Kellan today at school for the end of the year first grade picnic. The picnic was held outside in the school's "habitat" -- a beautiful natural area with prairie, a pond, walking trails, and all sorts of wildlife (we even saw a snake in a tree today!). We arrived before lunchtime, signed in, and the kids came out to greet their families. Then we all went to find a favourite spot around the pond for our picnics. A shady spot, in our case, since we had Mr I Hate the Sun Nic with us.

Here is the Kel eating his lunch on our blanket. Watermelon time!

My boys. Kel was trying to steal Nic's hat, so there was a bit of a struggle, but I finally got them to semi-pose long enough to take a quick photo. Notice Nic's firm grip on the Kel's arm.

Kel snapped this photo of us together.

Kel and I down by the pond. The photos aren't great because we were under an intense sun right at the noon hour, thus the washed out sky. Not Nic's fault.

Kel took this one of me by a tree.

I am going to stop allowing photographs of myself until they come up with a decent anti-aging serum. Its just getting too scary.

Bit off topic, but noticed that I was still holding a few photos that hadn't been posted in recent months. This was from when Kel lost his first top tooth, back in April. He's still got quite a gap in that spot. Its adorable.

And these two are from the Young Authors awards ceremony and brunch, also back in April. Kel won an award in his age group for his book, "The President Needs a Pet".

Kel and Antoine having brunch after the Young Authors awards ceremony.

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