Sunday, October 23, 2011

Haunted Hayride

I took the boys to the Clayville Haunted House and Hayride this weekend. Kids' hours, of course. The real thing is far too scary for me, let alone these two! I couldn't get any photos in the haunted house, but here are some snaps from the hayride.

It started out with smiles and brave faces. A hayride. Fun!

There was even candy. Goody!

But as we got closer to the haunted house, things got a bit more creepy. Now, the actors were all in costume, but stopped to hand out candy to the kids and smile nicely. Its just that as we got nearer to the haunted house, the sets and extras became a lot scarier.

These faces say it all. After we got off of the hayride and walked up to the door of the haunted house, Kel was not going in. No way, no how. Antoine and I convinced him, but it was touch and go as he rushed through the rooms hyperventilating, hands over ears, refusing even to take the candy that they were handing out. Poor kid does not do scary.

They survived! And no doubt we'll be back to do it again next year.

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