Thursday, July 05, 2012

Canal Folk

In absolutely no particular order, here are some favourite photos from our wonderful day out on Bob and Lynn's boat, accompanied by Uncle Steve and Linda.

Steve working his first lock.

"Ha, I got this!"

Lynn showing us all how she stays so fit! I want to be Lynn.

Sharing the lock with a fellow canal boat.

Kellan got in on the lock action and kept himself very busy as we traveled along.

Captain Bob in his element.

Kellan learning how to drive the boat.

Bob had to sit at the little table for lunch!

Sharing the lock again. Makes life easier -- and much more social! This was a Scottish crew. They were very jovial.

There she is. The Cormorant II.

These two hadn't seen each other since Kel was an infant. Bit bigger now, eh Bob?!

The whole crew. Great memories.

Ha ha. Linda's face. Maybe she doesn't need to see this photo.

Lynn pushing off. Totally out of order. But I'm too lazy to fix it.

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The Blue Orchid said...

Looks like some great fun. The activities for Kellan are excellent for lots of reasons but you know that. Glad you got some playtime in. Enjoy the weekend mi amiga. ~ The BOOT