Friday, August 02, 2013

Legoland with the Gallaghers

One of the highlights of our first Legoland trip this visit was the new life size model of a Lego x-wing. Kel talked about this all afternoon.

We were so blessed to have our old friends (who live in Maryland) in town at the same time as our visit. We all met up at Legoland and spent the day together. Kel and Daegan are great (and very silly) pals.

The boys driving their Lego vehicles. They each got a driver's license afterwards.

I got them to sit still for one photo. After which point, the wrestling resumed.

Always nice when there's a friend to accompany Kel on this horrible water ride. Getting soaked is not my idea of fun. The boys loved it.

Ryan decided to accompany the boys on the slide. You can see Kel's Dyspraxia quite clearly in his attempt to maintain balance and stay inside of his little slide bag.

Everybody on the stomach churning up and down drop ride. Another one that I was thrilled to miss out on.

Poor quality extreme distance shot of the whole crowd driving their boats.

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