Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dyspraxia Illinois Fall Get-Together

Our most recent Dyspraxia Illinois family get-together took place on arguably one of the most beautiful days of the entire fall season. We met at Rader Family Farms, in Normal, where we all had a fun and fabulous day out together. It is a gift to watch the kids play together without any of the things that hold them back in ordinary social situations. They just "get" each other. This day was so absolutely perfect, start to finish. It still gives my heart warm fuzzies just thinking back on the smiles, laughter, friendships -- and kettle corn!!!

Kel and Drake racing rubber duckies.

And learning to play tetherball.

Kel roping Lauren. Luckily, she loves him anyway.

Emma and Nate in the background. She was serious about this horse business.

Kel, Lauren, and Drake on the bounce pillow.

The three amigos. There were tears over who got to sit next to Kel on this tractor ride. He is very popular with Emma and Lauren! And secretly, he loves it.

Gorgeous sunset to end an absolutely perfect fall day.

Pumpkins! Pumpkins at sunset. Even better.

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