Thursday, April 28, 2005

One down...

Well, its happened. One of the five breast feeding babies in Kellan's play group has stopped nursing. The first baby to no longer be a baby. Her mother is pleased, as they desperately want to have another. I think that they're planning on a small army. Some of the others have slowed down noticeably. They'll soon tire of it, or their mothers will push them to tire of it. There are mothers who are ready to be done as well. Some for the sake of having more children, others because they're not sure that they should be nursing a baby beyond that magic first birthday mark.

I feel so differently about it. Kellan is still a very active nursling. He nurses many times each day and all night long. He's 14 months old now and able to respond when I ask if he "wants nursies". His face lights up, he crawls over at full speed, lifts up my shirt and climbs into my lap, ready for a nurse and a cuddle. When I get home from work in the evening, its all I can do to get my shoes off he's so impatient to get down to the business of nursing. And I adore the time that we have together. The quiet cuddling intimate time that becomes increasingly rare as Kellan enters toddlerhood. Nursing is our time. I hope that he nurses for another year or more. I know that its natural and that its the best thing for him both nutritionally and emotionally. I also know that I would be heartbroken if he decided to wean.

Here's hoping that, as far as the play group goes, we come in a distant fifth.


betty said...

You definitely have to go with your instincts and do what is right for you and your family.

Ben stopped nursing around 17 months old in large part because my milk supply was slowly drying out. If that hadn't happened, I think he would have wanted to go on for several more months.

My goal was to just reach 12 months, so I exceeded that by about 5 more months.

By the time we reached his 14th, 15th month, I was ready to stop though. I personally didn't feel comfortable with a talking child coming up and lifting my shirt, and slapping my chest saying "Dat" (translation = "that") over and over, LOL.

Nicola said...

That's funny, Betty, as I can't wait for Kellan to be able to communicate his need for nursing verbally. Right now its generally a major meltdown that Nic and I can't figure out and suddenly one of us will say, "Oh! Do you need to nurse?" and that will solve the problem. During the week, we're pretty well scheduled, but at the weekend we get off track and I'm really looking forward to his being able to communicate that need.

Hope that my milk lasts as long as Kellan's desire to nurse. I still pump every day at work and he nurses through the night, both of which should keep the supply available.