Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mother's Day

Its hard to believe that this will be my second Mother's Day. I can't even remember the first one, as Mother's Day in Britain occurs on Mothering Sunday, in early March -- in other words, Kellan was a mere few weeks old at the time and life was still utterly chaotic. Nic got me a card. I probably have it stored away somewhere. Its all such a blur.

This year will be different. This year I can truly embrace the spirit of the holiday. This year I am a mother. I feel like a mother. I live the life of a mother. And my son can give me kisses of appreciation. Yes, this week Kellan started giving his first proper (and often wet open mouthed) kisses. He seems more interested in kissing his father at the moment, but then he's always been daddy's boy. Still, this year my son will smile at me, cuddle me, kiss me, and show me all of his new and ever increasing skills. This year we can go out for a meal or a lovely spring walk. This year I can celebrate!

I can also look back on the years that were so difficult for us. The Mothers Days that passed unacknowledged while I longed to know the joy of motherhood. The heartache and wish that next year would be different. That next year we would have something to celebrate. That next year we would bring a child into the world. We struggled with infertility only for a couple of years. My first proper treatment resulted in Kellan! I can't imagine the suffering of people who endure a lifetime of such unrequited longing.

So, this week I wish a very happy Mother's Day to all of the seasoned mothers, new mothers, mothers to be, future mothers, and women who are simply mothers at heart. Happy Mother's Day!

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betty said...

I'm wishing you a happy Mother's Day too! Being a mother and getting to experience it in full, is a truly wonderful feeling.

Our Mother's Day (and Father's Day) celebrations tend to be very low-key for the same type of reasons that you've listed.

This year, AAMOF, Vince won't even be here. He'll be flying out to Portland to start his new job on Monday.

Also, Devin's most favorite aftercare teacher has some free baseball tickets to a Giants game, and wanted to know if she could take Devin out that Sunday. I agreed to let her go, so now I'm the best mom around, LOL! She gave me a great big hug and said that she loved me!