Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Big Boy Bed

Tonight is the night. Kellan has successfully napped in his big boy bed without any change in routine or schedule, and so tonight is the night that we attempt his first solo sleeping adventure. He is 18 months old now and I'm sure that we won't be doing any lasting damage by sending him to bed across the hall. I was all for the "children naturally sleep with their parents until the age of four" business until Kellan became the most restless and demanding wee hours toddler known to man. The minute that we come to bed, he wakes up and asks to nurse. At this point, it is unlikely that he returns to his crib for the remainder of the night, and for the past couple of weeks, he has been up nearly every hour asking to nurse. We thought that he might be hungry, so have been giving him massive snacks before bed. No change. Thirsty? We offer drinks when he wakes up only to be greeted with wails of "Nseeeeeeeezzzz!!!!" (nursies). And so, for the sake of Kellan getting a bit more uninterrupted sleep (and his parents getting a bit of sleep period!), we're hoping that this works.

Kellan loves his bedroom. He spends a great deal of time there playing and hanging out. He chose the pictures for his walls. It is where we dress and change him. Today we bought a special Dora comforter for his bed. When we are at home, it is the most likely place to find him. So there is no worry about a strange or new environment. It is only across the hall from our room and I will hear him when he wakes. I am hoping that sleeping in his own room will result in less disruption from us coming to bed, rolling over, and so forth. I also hope that, once he's used to his new bed, he will be able to stir without immediately asking to nurse. I know that I will still be required at least once or twice for late night / early morning nursing sessions, but I am hoping that the recent 6-12 requests for nursies each night might be a thing of the past. Wish us luck!

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