Friday, August 26, 2005

When do we...

1. When do we move Kellan from his high chair into a proper booster seat? He has a booster seat that he uses when we go out to eat or at other people's homes, but he's still in the high chair at our house. I just think that its more comfortable than the booster seat, but I also don't want to be that crazy mother who kept her toddler in a high chair until he was four. When did you make the switch?

2. When do we put Kellan into his big boy bed? He's still in our room at the moment. Some of the night in his crib, most of the night in our bed (if I'm honest). We plan to move him into his room next month. He wakes up nearly every night when we come to bed which means that he "needs" to nurse again and I don't get to sleep for ages. His being in our room has also of course displaced "adult" activities to other parts of the house so as not to wake him. Its time. He has a low to the ground bed in his room with a side rail to keep him from rolling out. Is 18 months old enough for the big boy bed?

3. When do we expect Kellan to start feeding himself with a spoon? He's not even great at finger feeding, only because he absolutely has to give his full attention to his books while he's eating, so its much easier if mom or dad do that actual food to mouth business. He will feed himself by hand, but its not his preferred method. We haven't even let him try the spoon yet. That would truly demand concentration and he just isn't interested.

That's my current list of "when do we"s and any advice or thoughts would help.


beth said...

First time commenter...I don't have much advice for you, as my son is younger than yours, but I have been wondering a lot of the same things, especially the big boy bed. Our 14-month-old is still sleeping with us and it's getting a little crowded! :)

Also, I give my son the spoon when we're towards the end of his meal, (and I know that he's going to have a bath soon, because boy can he make a mess). He mostly just stabs the bowl with the spoon, but if I guide his hand to put the spoonful of food in his mouth he'll eat it all, with a smile no less.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is just a month older than Kellan, so I can tell you waht we are doing (not that that is necessarily right!). For the first 12 months it seems like you have all sorts of guidelines set out for you, and now I just kind of wing it.

1) My daughter is still in her high chair at 19 months, and I plan to leave her there for awhile.

2) I have friends who have moved their child to a big bed at 18 months because he was crawling out. I am going to leave her in the crib as long as I can because I know she would be out of bed all of the time, but we have a baby coming when she is just over 2 so we will have to make the switch then.

3) My daughter refuses to be fed by anyone. She has been finger feeding since about 12 months or so, and she is getting better and better with the spoon, although it still can be messy. She sometimes decide that foods I think should be eaten with a spoon (oatmeal for example), are finger foods, but what are you going to do. It is nice not having to feed her so that I can eat at the same time.

Anonymous said...