Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New Sounds

Seems like there is something new every week and I don't want to forget Kellan's silly sounds and phrases, so I shall document some of the current favourites here.

Kellan's current animal sounds --

Puppy: Wo wo / Ru ru / Ro ro
Cow: Mmmmmmm
Monkey: Nh nh
Kitty: Eeya (very high pitched)
Ghost: Aaaaahhhhh

Kellan's favourite words and phrases --

I 'ent that
Nigh nigh
Nie, nie, nie / na, na, na (no)
Eez (nursies)
Eeth (teeth)
Ess (Cheerios)
Iss (shoes)
Puppo / Poppo
Eet (kitty)
Eesh (fish)
Drah (truck)
Bapak (backpack)
Daaa (Dora, sometimes Elmo)
Taaa (star)
Daddy / Diddy
Da da (bye bye)

You might note that there is often a bit of confusion in our house because so many words sound so very similar, but he's getting better. Not so long ago, shoes, nursies, Cheerios, fish, and a few other words were identical. We're getting there.

1 comment:

Ray Dillon said...

Now, that is an adorable little boy. ;o) You're very lucky.

I love that you're chronicling all of this. Bravo!

And those phrases are hilarious. I hang out with babies as often as I can, so I recognize that kooky language.

Keep up the great blogging!