Monday, January 02, 2006

Holiday Wrap-Up

There are lots of photos to follow, but the files were too large and I had some trouble uploading today, so that will be left for later this week. We had an absolutely fabulous two weeks home in San Diego. The weather was gorgeous throughout, we had lots of time to spend with family and plenty left over for fun activities like the San Diego Wild Animal Park and Sea World, as well as for visiting with friends.

Kellan learned about 50 new words while we were away. His language development is astounding at the moment. One of my favourite moments occurred on our first trip to the beach. As Kellan stepped down into the sand, he squealed, "Snow, snow!". He informed us many times about the snow on his shoes. But his language development being what it is at the moment, he was saying "And, and!" (sand) within minutes. Christmas is still "Pah-puhm", he refers to anything Christmas related as "Pah-puhm" and although he heard us say "Christmas" many thousands of times since the season began, he has obviously chosen his own word for the occasion.

Kellan did really well on the flights both ways. This was his last free flight, as he turns two next month and we've already booked our first full fare ticket home for August. At least we no longer need to worry about whether or not he'll get a seat. On the other hand, we've never paid for him and in our many trips home, even during the busiest of holiday times, we've always managed to come up with a seat. For free. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

Our Christmas trip provided more wonderful memories that I can possibly recount here. Kellan had a wonderful time with all of his family (and their puppies!). We are printing out photos this week so that Kellan can have some nice memories to frame and put on his bedroom wall, and also so that he might better remember his grandparents and aunt Amanda between visits.

I hope that everybody had a lovely holiday season and that the New Year is off to a great start. I will post lots of holiday photos later this week.

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