Saturday, April 15, 2006

The arm is healed!

Kellan got his cast off on Thursday and did wonderfully. He didn't shed a single tear, even with the saw and the x-rays. He favoured the arm somewhat for the rest of the day, but by Friday was using it as normal again. There is a slight bend in the arm, but the orthopaedic pediatrician said that this would correct with bone growth over the next few months.

The weather has been incredibly hot for April, so we've been enjoying lots of time outside with the new sand/water table. I haven't made a final decision on the merit of this toy yet. The sand is in the water, the water is in the sand, I'm not sure how difficult it will be to keep clean and functional, but he certainly is enjoying it so far. He had another haircut on Thursday to tidy things up and keep him cool in this hot weather. As with the first haircut, he did wonderfully, sat still, giggled when the razor tickled his neck, and generally enjoyed the experience.

New this week is numbers. He can recognise all of the characters from 1-10, he is counting objects, and he can tell you "how many" of something he sees. Obviously something that he's been working on in secret, as he never gave us any indication! A nurse at the doctor's office on Thursday gave him the peace sign and he shouted, "Two!".

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EmilyRoseJewel said...

So cute pictures, glad to hear good news. Love his tropical shirt!