Monday, April 24, 2006

Farm Trip

This is the same farm that we visited last July. He's a bit bigger now! It was a fun day out and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. Kellan's favourite part was the tractor ride (which I couldn't photograph because I was on it with him!).

Lots of new silliness from Kellan these days. He has started calling everyone (including his parents), "Guy". He frequently exclaims, "Lets go, Guy!", or "All right, Guy!". I might ask him if he's ready for breakfast and he'll say, "Ok, Guy". When my mom phoned the other day and he wanted to talk to grandma, he got on the phone and said, "Hi, Guy!". I have no idea where he got this, but it is hilarious.

He has also started saying, "I love you", which sounds like "La you!". When we leave the house he'll say, "La you, Daddy!". Or at bedtime he'll tell me, "La you". And you know what? I "la" it!

Breakfast is a challenge these days. He just doesn't seem interested. I offer him a plate full of healthy options (fruit, cereal, cheese) and he will sit at the table for an hour, touching none of it, before finally eating a handful of goldfish or animal crackers and heading off to start his day. Or, worse yet, he will demand either cookies or ice cream and go into full tantrum mode when these are obviously refused as breakfast options. On those days, he generally leaves the table without having eaten anything. Yet, this lack of a decent breakfast doesn't seem to impact his energy, outlook, or general morning demeanor. He eats a great lunch and dinner. And I have to admit that I have always hated breakfast and haven't eaten a morning meal since my own mother gave up and stopped forcing them in to me many years ago. Still, until he's old enough to make a sensible decision based on something more concrete than a desire for ice cream at 8am, we're going to keep up the battle. Maybe its just a phase...

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