Monday, May 29, 2006

The arrival of summer -- in May

Summer has arrived with a vengeance here in the Midwest, and of course we found out on Sunday of a holiday weekend that our air conditioner wasn't quite feeling up to it. We've booked a repairman to come out as soon as possible this week. Looks like we'll be spending lots of time at the shops and in the sprinkler today!

Kellan has announced that when he grows up he either wants to drive a train or be a baseball player. Now, the train we can understand, he is obsessed with trains (genetic I think), but we have no idea where the baseball idea originated. We don't watch baseball and neither of us are fans. Its all football (soccer) all the time around here. Nic thinks that he wants to truly embrace his American side.

His language is becoming so much clearer and he talks about pretty much everything these days. Its nice to finally be able to understand 90% of it! He does still have a few silly words that he's decided to use instead of the actual English equivalents, but we at least know what he means (even if nobody else does). Here are a few of his latest vocabulary oddities:

Jop = orange
Yay = one
Poppop = Grandpa and Grandad
Addie = Grannie
Otay = OK (I know that this is pretty common -- but so cute!)

Here are a few photos from this week. These are two of his best girls -- Carmen and Olivia (he calls her "Lillia"). He adores them both.

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