Friday, November 03, 2006

The Boy Who Loved Muzzy

One of Kellan's very favourite treats is an hour in front of MUZZY, his French language programme. I am thrilled with the fact that he can recite the script word for word in absolutely perfect French, that I can ask him questions and hold short conversations in French, and, heck, there is nothing cuter than the way that he sings the "Bonjour" song (you'll know what I mean if you too are a Muzzy household). But, t.v. is t.v. and I don't like him having too much of it. Below is a typical morning in our house when Kellan has already had his episode of Dora or The Backyardigans, yet still wants his Muzzy.

Come on, Mom, this is educational. You know you want to...

Seriously Mom, just put it in the machine.

My brain is beginning to atrophy, I can hardly remember a single word in French! Put in my Muzzy now!


Merci, Maman. Avant tes yeux, je deviendrai un génie bilingue.

Aaaahhhhhhh, mon Muzzy.

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