Monday, January 15, 2007

Rugby Shirt Cuteness

This is his "I'm about to throw this at you -- and its going to hurt!" face

And again. Don't let that cheeky grin fool you. The gritted teeth face means trouble!


Laura K. said...

What a handsome smile!

I wanted to reply a comment you left me! So the thomas take alongs.. you can buy connector pieces for the different tracks. We didn't have to though! We had 2 sets with the plain tracks and then I bought the new set the day of that blog entry. The tracks were more complex and my husband was laughing at me like.. HAHAHAH they don't GO together! Well I showed him!!!! They had included 2 adaptor pieces! We only needed to use one though. They weren't mentioned on the box but they WERE inside.

As a side note, I saved photos of the sets we don't have yet and Sebastian looks at them every day contemplating which one next. Lucky for me you can't buy all of them here yet! We'll be in Iowa in April and May though ;)

Laura K. said...

An when we got Cranky it also came with a set of adaptor tracks! So if you buy a set with the other rails and don't get the adaptor pieces, we have 2 sets and I can send you a set! is my email ;)