Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Christmas!

Kellan made out very well this Christmas. I took a few photos at the start of the day, during the "Santa presents", then put down my camera to enjoy.

Two very memorable quotes that must be noted:

1. Granny surveys Kellan in his wagon absolutely surrounded by all of his Santa presents (he got two stockings and a bag of extras!). "Oh my", she says, "you have so many presents already." Kellan looks at her, then looks at the tree (under which sit all of the wrapped gifts, as of yet untouched), looks back and her and says, "Not yet..."

2. Kellan is a bit wild after a breakfast of chocolate and the unexpected excitement of Christmas morning. He pushes his wagon into the fridge. Nic says, "Kellan! What would Santa say?". To which Kellan earnestly replies, "Ho ho ho".

I couldn't quite capture it on camera -- though perhaps if I had a better camera, hint hint for my birthday, Nic! -- but the look on Kel's face when he walked out into the sitting room to see that Santa had left him some absolutely fabulous gifts was gorgeous. That's what Christmas morning is all about.

He even did a happy dance!

Quick stop to check that Santa and the reindeer had found their goodies,

then off to sit in his new wagon (something that he has wanted for absolutely ages -- thanks Granny and Grandad!).

There was a beautiful rendition of jingle bells with his new chime eggs. While sitting in the wagon. Of course.

The new train crossing bank that my sister sent was a huge hit. Lights and sounds. The works. A train fan couldn't ask for more.

It was a brilliant morning. The first time that we really got to experience the magic of Christmas with Kellan. This is such a fun age.

Photographic evidence that it was a great morning altogether.

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