Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flying Kites on Mother's Day

We spent all of last Sunday (Mother's Day) outside at my request. Nic wonders if I have a problem, like an actual house phobia. If the weather is nice, you won't catch me indoors for days on end. My answer is simply to see the post below. It is called "being from California". I grew up outside. My mom, being from the UK, refused to let us in the house on a nice day: "Its too nice to be inside" was her year round motto. And only now that I have lived in other parts of the world can I truly understand her need to treasure every moment of a perfect sunny day. They are to be enjoyed. Outside. There are enough awful housebound months in this place to drive a person mad. Nic might argue that I'm already there.

And so, on Mother's Day, we flew kites and played at the park, went to the zoo and hung out in the backyard. Anything that didn't involve being in the house. And it was lovely.

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