Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer Haircut

This is a haircut with a story, but a story that does not bear recounting in full. Simply imagine the clippers, the neckline hair that you trim into a nice straight line, and the three year old who suddenly doesn't want you anywhere near him with those same clippers, throwing his head backwards with a resounding scream. Get the picture? The horror of that bald stripe going up the back of his head. What to do? The "haircut store" was requested by the boy and quite frankly, for at least the next year, the "haircut store" shall have my money when he needs a trim.

He did need his summer "buzz cut", but the bald head was a step further than we usually take it. But hey, its kind of cute and fuzzy. It reminds me of his infancy and that year of total baldness. It is going to put my mother in law right over the edge. She hates anything other than long 1970s style waves. Still, it grows fast, and until then, he doesn't have lice, he isn't a hooligan, and, honestly, its starting to grow on me...

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WanJing said...

it's very nice, i assure you. what a handsome dude.