Monday, September 17, 2007

Iowa City

We just returned from a fabulous trip to Iowa City where we went to visit Olivia and family. We had a wonderful weekend, start to finish, even considering Kel's run in with the car door (see photos below) and a bit of fussy eating. There was so much to do, the weather was perfect, the town was bustling with students, there were great shops and restaurants, and it was altogether picturesque. For the midwest anyway.

These first photos are from the Devonian Fossil Gorge.

These were taken at the playground downtown in the Ped Mall.

Waiting outside of the Hamburg Inn where we had a fabulous lunch in this famous local landmark.

Playing at the park.

Bathtime fun.

Working on the computer with Joe.

Baby Ethan, Olivia's little brother. Isn't he the cutest baby ever???


The Baimas said...

Why yes, Ethan is the cutest baby boy ever! Thank you for noticing. We are glad that you had fun and that Kellan returned home in one piece!


Laura K. said...

Poor Kellan!!! How far are you from Iowa City? I ask because I get to come to Iowa for vacation at Christmas for 2 weeks!!!! I'm so excited and it was a spur of the moment decision! I'm flying in to Cedar Rapids and it's aout a 45 min drive to Waterloo where my family is. I ALWAYS go to Coralville/Iowa City for a day or 2 every trip if you were to want to meet up! Not sure how long the trip is for you though.. and weather could be an issue.